Eileen Bradley

Talent Producer
Eileen Bradley

For the last two years, I have been freelancing as a talent booker working on projects which required me to procure celebrities to appear at everything from State Fairs to the Hollywood Xmas Day Parade to Food Network’s Iron Chef America. A Talent Booker follows viewer trends/audience trends and attempts to book the most popular celebrities for these venues. Whether they are Sports stars, Film personalities or Television stars. It was part of my job as talent booker to always have new and creative ideas on a daily basis to present to my producer for approval.

FYI….. As of Aug. 2019, I booked 3 celebrity biographies for A&E’s new BIOGRAPHY SERIES.

ALENT BOOKER – FOX TELEVISION TALK SHOW “THE REAL” The Real was a daily talk show. We taped nine shows a week. My responsibility was to pitch different celebrities and people in the news to guest on the show. Hosted by 4 women, I would pitch different celebrities from fashion to music to pop culture to informers in the news and politics. Our viewing audience demographics were 28-60 mostly women. Most of the guests I would book on the show were geared towards a female audience. I would come into our production meetings not only with a list of potential guests, but what we could do with this guest and the subject at hand that would interact with our viewing audience. I also had a talent budget which I had to adhere to. The budget was used for airline ticket and hotels when we were going to fly in a guest. It was my responsibility once the guest was booked to give them the proper call times, limo pickup and makeup call time as well as pre interview them for the segment.

Senior Talent Executive & Talent Producer E! Entertainment Television

I was a talent executive at E! for 9 years. Working on our signature biography series, The E! True Hollywood Story, Anna Nicole Smith reality series, Celebrity Homes, Joan Rivers Fashion Police series as well as a host of additional specials E! would produce throughout the year. . In addition, E! would do 2 hour specials on “iconic” television shows i.e. “Full House”, “The Partridge Family,” “Animal House,” “Facts Of Life” & “National Lampoons Vacation.” I was also covering the red carpet at every award show & film festival in Los Angeles & New York.

West Coast Publicity Director Mercury Polygram Record (promoted to NATIONAL PUBLICITY DIR. 1980)

As west coast publicity director for this international record label I had to coordinate all press campaigns as well as parties for artists who were touring in Ca. Texas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Washington State, Alaska & Oregon. Between our jazz labels, country labels, pop labels & contemporary artist there was a lot of territory to cover. I set up the campaigns for Roy Orbison new album and tour states within my area. Same for THE RUNAWAYS, Kool & The Gang, Reba McEntire, Jerry Lee Lewis, Thin Lizzy, RUSH & Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Bros. When I was promoted to National publicity Director for the label, I had 4 satellite offices with publicists (Nashville, Chicago, NY & L.A.). Foremost my responsibility was to oversee that everyone was taking care of business. I traveled extensively with my artists (Japan, Europe, Australia).

West Coast Editor 16 Magazine & Spec Magazine

New York City based 16 Magazine Editor Gloria Stavers wanted to have a west coast presence. At the time 16 and its sister magazine SPEC has the largest circulation of any teen/fan magazine throughout the world. 16 moved me to California and established a west coast office. I did about 10 interviews a week along with taking the photos that accompanied the stories. Every night I would type up my notes and send off to NY office. I would look for new “up and coming talent” we could profile in the magazines every month as “Teen Idols Of The Future.” I was involved in the giveaways and contests we held and help choose the winners. It was not a 9-5 position and I would gladly work 7 days a week if that’s what needed to be done. The thousands of letters of fan mail that came in each month had to be read… Thank Goodness for my interns & staff who helped me each Sat. & Sunday night going thru all the mail.