Dr. Stan Foster

Member of the Board, Industry Relations & VP of CMU
Dr. Stan Foster

Dr. Stan Foster is a multi-talented writer, director, and producer of stage and film.  He has produced and directed stage productions in the U.S., Canada, and Vienna, Austria. He has written, produced, and directed film and television productions in Hollywood and wrote and produced his first feature film which was directed by folk singer Pete Seeger’s son Dan before he was 24.  Stan has been a member of the Directors Guild of America since 1980. 

Stan produced two award-winning documentary films,  a series of educational videos, and wrote two educational videos along with twenty national commercials promoting a non-surgical alternative to back surgery.  Stan helped to lead the Film 3.0 revolution in Hollywood.  He was among the first to utilize digital editing (Avid, Final Cut Pro) systems and utilize digital post-production mixing on his projects.  He also was one of the first in the directors guild to utilize computerized budgeting and scheduling software (Movie Magic Budget and Scheduling) which help revolutionize the motion picture industry. 

Stan is known for bridging Hollywood production with education.  He has worked on major Hollywood productions such as 1941l, Die Hard, Throw Mama From the Train, and Suburban Commando as well as small budget projects.   He understands that producing a small budget production requires much greater pre-production planning and production and post-production planning and adjustments.  He shares these concepts with students and professionals alike.