Dr. Ali Gooyabadi

Member of the Board, Chief Strategist & CAO/Provost of CMU
Dr. Ali Gooyabadi

Dr. Gooyabadi is the Family Film Awads' board member as the chief strategist. He is a seasoned Ph.D. in System Automation and Control from the University of Colorado at Boulder, the U.S.A. with 30 years of experience in Megaprojects, including all aspects of Design and Analysis. He has experienced managing megaprojects, academic departments, and teaching as a university professor for more than 30 years from the U.S.A. to the Middle East. He also has managed significant projects at a national level ranging from national awareness campaigns, automation, control, and Information Technology to Strategic Management of Technological Innovation and Organizational Culture Development. He is considered an authority in Platform Ecosystem Value-Creation and the new technology strategy.

Dr. Gooyabadi is a firm believer in family values and tradition as the foundation upon which a better world could be built that is prosperous and sustainable. Art is often an indicator of what a civilization, society, or individual takes to be valuable or telling. Moreover, the film industry, which is the zenith of human art, could culminate the best of what human innovation can offer. As an edupreneur and innovative strategist, he has been looking into Volumetric video technology with quadrillions and quintillions of data points that allow us to create more than 30,000-pixel resolution moving environments captured on 6K Sony Venice Cameraenabling live performance in virtual worlds with traditional tools. He believes it is possible for anyone who is making any form of content to have access to the most advanced capabilities; technology is available for all content creators because if all have the ability to tell their story, we will all the better for it. Dr. Gooyabadi has a keen interest to steer the Family Film awards into the frontiers of the 21st century by supporting and propagating the latest technology, including Film 4.0, virtual reality, AI-based film making, gaming, esports, Film-based-education.

His professional life has started in engineering, moved into higher education, evolved into large-scale high-tech projects, and finally matured into the strategic aspect of high-tech and its assimilation from the business point of view. He firmly believes that although a revolution is said to have taken place in higher education in the past half-century, we are at a juncture when a fundamental reconfiguration of a university's concept is in order. Knowledge is the essence of the "knowledge economy" model of development, and as such, universities will have to outgrow their traditional status of standalone academic institutions and integrate into the digital-centric economy and e-Society.